Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 1: The International Village

What a first day in France!!

So far, what I love most about France is the hospitality. It is true if you just speak English the natives will likely look at you funny, but just saying a few words in French will go a long way. I've already used a lot of phrases that I have learned in middle & high school and I can pass off at times as a not uninformed :)

Today, I officially met all of my fellow American delegates, a large majority of them hail from liberal arts schools and major in international/global studies and/or French.

The main event today was the "International Village": in short, an international pot luck! :D Delicacies from every country was brought by delegates and we engaged in many small talks about how we came to know about EYP-France and the D-Day Youth Forum, our thoughts about France, how our trips were, what America is really like, and so much more. Apparently, Texas is thought of by some of the French as a huge desert filled with cows! To my surprise, nearly everyone speaks English! Everyone is so friendly, delegates and our organizers (our beloved "orgs") and are genuinely interested about each other's schooling and how each person came to this point.

Overall, I absolutely loved today! Tomorrow is team building at the beach and the opening ceremony at the beautiful Abbaye aux Dames.

Me, Maggie, Robert, Alex & Kelsey
Mr. Chris Tripp, President of the D-Day Youth Forum

Our awesome organizers (the "orgs")

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