Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 2 Part 1: Team Building at Courseulles

First, let me introduce my committee peers: Maggie (USA), Myriam (France), Charlotte (Caen, France), Jonas (Germany), Sharon (Italy), Paride (Italy), Piotr (Poland), and Ester (Spain), and our awesome team leader Dan (Latvia; a long time member of EYP and also studies psychology to international studies in Scotland).

We traveled by bus to Courseulles in Normandy (where the Battle of Normandy began on June 06, 1944 70 years ago) where we got to know each other much better and had lots of fun. What I got most from team building is that we all are alike in multiple aspects of our lives and that we are not so different as I initially imagined. For example, before it was my turn for charades, I learned that we all were or currently play some sort of musical instrument (piano, cello, clarinet, and guitar).

Towards the end of team building, we discussed soft power and hard power, how the two are different, the common affects of the two powers, how the powers tie nations together, and moreover how the two change the landscapes of nations. This was to introduce us to our committee topic (possible solutions to the Ukraine crisis) which over the next several days we'll work together and discuss the political histories of Ukraine, Russia and the USA in regards to hard/soft power and to ultimately formulate a comprehensive resolution to present to the Heads of State on June 6th at official ceremonies.

Our dragon!

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