Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 7: General Assembly Day 2

Our resolution passed! :) (61 yes, 24 no, and 5 abstentions) A member of ENVI proposed for an extra ten minutes to be added for us because of the complexity of the topic and this was agreed upon. 

As the debates went on, some points we made were contested although I think many of the comments were already either addressed in our resolution or did not pertain to the main questions. Initially, when I heard about the topic I thought we were supposed to find solutions to the Ukraine crisis which in fact was not the case. Likewise, it seemed that a lot of delegates thought that was our aim which is completely understandable considering that everyone wants to solve the crisis, but sometimes forget that right now there is a communication stalemate and this first and foremost needs to be overcome before we can act upon proposed solutions to end the crisis and leaving all sides involved satisfied. 

Overall, all resolutions were passed which, as Mr. Chris Tripp said, is a rare occurrence and one that should be applauded. Hopefully, if I get the chance I would love to attend one or two more EYP sessions because GA was very educational and it was fun to listen to other's viewpoints on current issues.

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